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We understand the importance of remaining flexible and innovative.

Columbia’s Science + Technology Group is focused on constructing and renovating biotechnology, pharmaceutical, R&D, manufacturing, chemical, battery, semiconductor, robotics, healthcare, medical device, and tech spaces. Science and technology bc.game crypto casino gamesenvironments are dynamic and constantly evolving concerning codes and regulations, sustainability, safety, infectious disease control, technology, mechanical and validation requirements. At Columbia, we understand the importance of providing a highly technical solution while remaining flexible and innovative.

Columbia has met the building needs of these facilities, encompassing a broad spectrum of technology in various fields. We bc.game loginunderstand your facility needs differ from other industries and want to help bring your science to life.

Specialized tools

We utilize specialized tools to ensure the safety of your staff and the overall R&D process. We work within the guidelines of ASME, ASHRAE, API, ANSI, OSHA, EPA, cGMP, AAALAC and FDA regulations to provide state-of-the-art control laboratories, sterile manufacturing areas and sophisticated pilot plants.